The Daily News

The daily news is the main source of information about the world, the economy and politics. In many countries, the national newspapers and television channels provide daily news coverage. The Internet provides a variety of international news sources, which can be used to supplement the local newspapers and radios.

The New York Daily News is a morning daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News in New York City by Joseph Medill Patterson and owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago. The newspaper became famous for sensational pictorial reporting on crime and scandal, as well as for its comics and other entertainment features. Its circulation peaked in 1947 at 2.4 million copies a day, making it the largest newspaper in the United States.

During this era, the Daily News was an early adopter of the Associated Press wirephoto service, which allowed its staff to quickly and thoroughly cover major events around the world. The paper also cultivated celebrity columnists such as Ed Sullivan, who went on to host The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS. In addition, the Daily News established what would become its signature feature, the front page photo of the day. In addition to the large photographs, the Daily News featured extensive city news coverage, celebrity gossip and classified ads, as well as comics, sports and an opinion section.

As the newspaper entered the 21st century, it continued to decline in readership, falling below half a million in 2016. The rise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign offered the Daily News an opportunity to regain its relevance, and it did so by shifting back to its roots as a brash tabloid. Its front pages in the era of Trump featured outrageous headlines such as “TRUMP TO THE WORLD: DROP DEAD” and gave Republican senator Ted Cruz the middle finger via the Statue of Liberty’s hand.

The Daily News is a renowned tabloid newspaper in the United States and is the first daily newspaper to be printed in tabloid format. The Daily News has won several awards for its journalism, including a Pulitzer Prize. The newspaper is distributed throughout the United States, as well as in several other countries worldwide. The Daily News website features a wide variety of news articles, as well as blogs and social media accounts. It also has a section devoted to the latest celebrity news and a section dedicated to health and wellness. In addition, the Daily News offers several free weekly newsletters. These include Today’s Front Pages, a collection of front pages from around the world. You can view a front page in your browser or download a full-resolution PDF. You can also search for a specific front page by name or location. These features make the Daily News a valuable resource for students, teachers and researchers.