New Laws and Regulations

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The Dutch government has introduced a new law that extends the powers of the Dutch intelligence agencies and their military counterparts to hack into the private communications of targeted individuals. The law also allows Dutch authorities to hack the computers of third parties associated with a target, such as a friend or family member.

UC Law renovation

The UC Law renovation project is expected to create a bright, open environment where students and faculty can learn, teach and explore the law. It is part of the university’s larger initiative to build multidisciplinary centers in the University Innovation District. These centers will help the university maintain its status as a leading educational, research and service provider in the legal community. The renovation will include offices, labs and meeting spaces. Moreover, it will provide unrivaled access to community partners, including hundreds of nonprofit organizations, state and federal courts, and 800 law firms.

COVID-19 relief package

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, part of a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, has been passed by the Senate. It includes provisions for health systems and hospitals. The Senate version is similar to the one the House passed last week, and it is expected to be signed by President Biden. The new law provides additional funding to rural hospitals and expands federal subsidies for COBRA coverage. It also makes changes to the Medicare wage index.

On-call scheduling

A new law has been introduced in the state of New York to regulate on-call scheduling. This practice, also called just-in-time scheduling or call-in scheduling, allows employers to schedule employee hours ahead of time. The law was introduced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, who stated that the regulation aims to promote fairness in the workplace. The proposed rules will be released on November 22, and a 45-day public comment period will follow.

Safe storage requirements

In an effort to protect Americans from the dangers of gun violence, new legislation in Washington has passed safe storage requirements. The law requires sellers to use locking devices on guns and to keep them away from children and other people not authorized to possess them. The law also requires gun owners to report theft or loss within five days of the theft.