New Law in NYC

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New law is a catchall industry term used to describe a host of different strategies and business approaches that offer the potential to significantly change the delivery of legal services. It can be hard to define, but at its core it is about benefiting clients. It is about using technology and embracing process. It is about working with non traditional client sources and delivering services in innovative ways. It is about creating legal strategy that does not rely on the traditional partner track and fees.

The definition of new law is constantly changing with the speed of change in business and society. New law is about innovation, and it is a critical concept that all lawyers should be familiar with.

It is about shifting the paradigm of legal delivery from provider to customer-centricity, and reverting back to better serving legal consumers and society-at-large rather than preserving legacy models built on outdated legal education, self-regulation and profit preservation. It is about a purpose-driven, multidisciplinary team approach that includes legal practitioners, “techies,” project/process managers and other allied professionals with verifiable, material expertise and experience to deliver accessible, affordable, on-demand, scalable, data-sharing, legal products and services. It is about achieving customer impact that produces high net promoter scores.

Legal providers will focus on output and net promoter score and abandon a self-congratulatory, award-driven culture that emphasizes profit preservation. They will embrace a unified platform-based delivery structure from which agile, fluid, on-demand resources with proven, material expertise and experience can be sourced to drive customer impact and value.

This section contains laws that have been recently enacted or passed during the current legislative session. You can filter by subject matter and year to view only laws relating to the topic you choose. You can also search for other City agency law and rule changes by visiting the Laws of the City website and NYC Rules.

This bill would require City agencies to provide notice to employees and job applicants regarding the availability of federal and state student loan forgiveness programs. It would also amend City data breach notification laws to make them more consistent with State law.