New Law in Legal Services

In the ever-changing world of legal services, it is essential that lawyers and clients look at ways to do things in new ways. Often, this involves reaching out to underserved communities or coming up with strategies that haven’t been part of traditional law practice in the past. One idea that has gained some traction is the concept of “new law.” However, this is not always easy to define.

The New York State Constitution, statutes, laws, regulations and case law form the law of New York. There are also numerous local laws, ordinances and resolutions. In addition, the State government promulgates an enormous body of rules and regulations (delegated legislation), which are published in the State Register and compiled into the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations. Other sources of persuasive authority are opinions, rulings and decisions issued by state agencies. Collectively, these are called administrative law.

Providing notice to employees and job applicants regarding student loan forgiveness programs.

This bill would require City agencies to provide their employees and job applicants with a notice about federal and State student loan forgiveness programs. DCWP would prepare the notice and make it available to City employers.

Adding transparency to how much a job pays.

California’s newest law will allow workers to see how much an employer pays for different positions, but it won’t require that companies reveal salaries based on gender, race or position. The law is still in its early stages, and business groups have blocked similar measures in the past.

Law is now more focused on strategy.

With law firms facing increasing competition from non-traditional providers, they are trying to offer more value and build relationships with their clients. In doing so, they are rethinking how they deliver legal services, using technology and focusing on process. They are also creating teams that focus on particular types of issues.

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The Open Meetings Law applies to any public body that conducts public business and performs a governmental function for the State of New York or for an agency of the State, or for a city, town, village, school district or other municipality of the State, including the committees and subcommittees of those bodies. The list of covered bodies is expansive and includes not only city councils, but also town boards, village boards of trustees, school districts, commissions, legislative bodies, special district authorities and committees. This law has been amended several times over the years and is now more comprehensive than it ever was.