Getting the Most Out of Business Services in the District of Columbia

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The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (EDMT) in the District of Columbia has a lot to brag about. The agency boasts a robust business training program, a solid building permit system and an ardent commitment to business tourism. In short, EDMT is your best bet at making your small business dreams a reality. Fortunately, this department is located in the city center, allowing for a quick and easy commute. Despite a modest budget, this organization has been able to deliver on its promise. This has allowed for a steady stream of businessmen, tourists and entrepreneurs to pass through.

One of the more exciting tasks EDMT undertakes is identifying and evaluating the next generation of high technology companies. This is an invaluable task that can benefit the community at large, as well as the businesses that make up the city of Washington, DC. With the advent of the internet, EDMT’s small but mighty team has been able to harness the power of information to make their mission a success. As a result, more and more businesses are able to reap the benefits of this state of the art era.