Article About Entertaiment


Article about entertaiment

Entertainment is a form of amusement or leisure activity that provides enjoyment and distraction from work, study, or other mundane tasks. Entertainment can take a variety of forms and be presented in many different media. Entertainment may be social or private, for oneself or others; it can involve participation or observation, or both. Entertainment can range from a single, private choice from an ever-increasing selection of pre-recorded products, to a banquet adapted for two, to performances by professionals or amateurs for audiences numbering in the thousands, and even to global viewing and participation on the internet.

The experience of being entertained has become so closely linked to leisure, that it is not unusual for one to assume that the idea implies a sense of fun and laughter. However, many entertainments may have a more serious purpose, such as within the various styles of ceremony, party, non secular pageant or satire for instance.