A Guide to Business Research at the Library of Congress

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Business news is an area of journalism that covers the economic and financial activities, trends and changes in societies around the world. Business news articles can be found in newspapers, magazines, online publications and radio and television news shows. Many large newspapers have a dedicated business section and some even have their own business news team. There are also specialized business publications for specific industries.

The word business has a broad meaning and can be applied to almost any kind of activity or endeavor. However, businesses are typically defined as entities that seek profit from their operations. The pursuit of profit is what differentiates a business from other types of organizations such as government agencies or charities. A business can be as simple as a sole proprietorship or as complex as a Fortune 500 corporation. The three main categories of business include service, manufacturing and retail. A business can be for-profit or not-for-profit, depending on whether the profit is redirected to owners or investors. Some businesses are privately owned while others are publicly traded on the stock market.

This guide is a compilation of sources for business research in the Library of Congress. The scope of this guide is national and international in scope, although the majority of the resources are primarily U.S. based. For assistance in finding regional sources, see the tips on searching the Library Catalog page of this guide or contact a librarian via Ask-A-Librarian.

Interested in learning more about the latest developments in business? Check out this guide to learn more about the hottest topics in the field. You’ll also find helpful information about how to best approach your own business research.

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