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The Yale Daily News is the nation’s oldest college newspaper. Published every weekday during the academic year, it is financially and editorially independent from Yale. The News is committed to a high standard of journalism and strives to cover all aspects of campus life with a broad range of voices and perspectives. Many Yale Daily News writers and contributors have gone on to prominent careers in journalism and public service, including William F. Buckley, Lan Samantha Chang, John Hersey, Joseph Lieberman, Sargent Shriver, Strobe Talbott, and Garry Trudeau.

Founded in 1919, the Daily News was the first tabloid newspaper in the United States. It attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime and scandal, lurid photographs, and cartoons. The paper was owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago until 2017 when it was sold to Tronc for $1.

Today the Daily News focuses on local and national politics, New York City stories, celebrity gossip, and sports. The newspaper also has a large section dedicated to arts and entertainment, and features the work of noted authors. The Daily News is also known for its extensive photo coverage, and in the 1930s was one of the first newspapers to use wire service photographs.

Originally based in the city’s renowned Times Building on 42nd Street, the Daily News moved to its current home, the 450 West 33rd Street building, in 1995. The building was designed by architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, and is an official city and federal landmark. The building is also the headquarters for the Associated Press, and is part of the Manhattan West complex.

The Daily News is available as a tablet edition, and its online version features live coverage of major breaking news events. The newspaper’s award-winning journalists and columnists provide in-depth reporting and analysis on national and world politics. The Daily News also provides intense New York coverage, especially for its beloved teams — the Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets. The newspaper’s op-ed pages are a major source of political commentary in the region.

The Daily News has a moderate-to-liberal media bias. It often is contrasted with the right-leaning New York Post. The AllSides Media Bias Rating of the Daily News is Left, which means it has a tendency to lean towards liberal, progressive, or left-wing thought and policy agendas. The ratings are determined by AllSides’ research team and may trigger a deeper review. Reader feedback does not influence the ratings.