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Daily News is a tabloid newspaper from the United States. It was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News, and it was the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format. The paper is published by Tribune Company of Chicago, which owns a number of other newspapers.

It has a strong commitment to the community and serves as an important source of local news and information. In addition, its editorials and opinions are highly respected, and the paper is renowned for its investigative reporting. The newspaper also has a strong presence in the digital realm, with an extensive online and mobile presence.

In addition to its print edition, the Daily News operates television and radio stations. Its radio station, WPIX (Channel 11 in New York City), took its call letters from the newspaper, and it has been owned by the News since 1948. The News maintains local bureaus in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, and it has offices within One Police Plaza and at various other city and state government buildings.

The newspaper has a wide variety of subject matter and appeals to readers who are interested in scandal, political wrongdoing, crime, social intrigue, and celebrity gossip. The New York Daily News often features lurid photographs and cartoons that draw in readers. The newspaper also has a significant history of promoting social change and is known for its high-minded, if populist, legacy.

Its political stance is flexible, ranging from conservative populism in the 1940s to isolationism in the early 1960s. It shifted its position again in the 1990s, becoming more centrist and competing with the left-wing New York Times for the attention of readers interested in political news.

In recent years, the News has become more liberal in its coverage of the Middle East and North Korea. In the past decade, it has also focused on urban and economic news and has increased its coverage of food, fashion, and music.

Several of its stories have made headlines worldwide. In addition, the newspaper’s website has become a popular destination for users seeking breaking news. The website also offers a search function for specific topics and provides links to other sites that provide similar content.

The Daily News’ website is available in multiple languages, and it is a popular destination for international readers who want to keep up with American news. The website has a mobile version, and it is available in both English and Spanish. Its content is updated throughout the day, and it includes articles on both domestic and world news.

Tribune Publishing shareholders are set to vote on the sale of the company that owns the New York Daily News and other major metro newspapers to cost-slashing hedge fund Alden Global Capital. Opposition to the deal has been growing in recent weeks, with legal fights, multicity rallies, and written pleas from staffers. The Daily News is not the only newspaper that has been under fire recently; the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune have also faced cost-cutting measures by the hedge fund.