Can You Lose Weight Too Fast?

The Short Answer

Yes. Unless you are morbidly obese or close to it, do not expect to drop 10 pounds a week. Most people can safely reduce their weight, more specifically their body fat, by about two pounds a week with a program such as 15 Minute Miracle. There will always be times you lose more or less but that is a very respectable number when applying proper diet, cardiovascular, and strength exercises. When the average overweight American starts boasting they are losing 10 or more pounds of weight per week they are either lying or losing muscle, which makes them prime candidates to put even more weight back on later along with bone and organ function issues.

Muscle vs. Fat

It comes back to a simple epiphany that all people who want to be fit must have. The more lean muscle mass you have on your body, and that does not mean bulking up, the more calories you will burn throughout your day. The focus should not be only on the scale in terms of pounds but rather that should be an ancillary measurement while Body Fat percentage should be the primary concern. Simply put, muscle weighs about twice as much as fat and so all of those cleanse diets, high fat no carb mantras and whatever fad they come up with tomorrow diets are all focused on one thing… I mean one thing besides separating you from your money… weight and weight only. And most will accomplish great losses through muscle loss, which sets the user up for increased fat gain later on. Remember, for every pound of lean muscle you possess, you will burn about 50 calories a day. If you have less muscle, which can account for less weight on the scale, you will also burn fewer calories, which slows your metabolism. Once your metabolism has slowed, any increase in calorie intake will undoubtedly become fat storage. You must keep your focus on body fat percentage, as it is a true indicator of fitness and health. It is simply a measurement of how much fat do I have in comparison to my total body mass and much more honest than any step-on scale.

Eating Too Little Makes You Fat

One of the most pervasive mistakes people make when they are trying to get into shape is they eat to little. Anything under 1200 calories per day is considered malnutrition. All that work you put in at the gym and with the weights will account for nothing if you are not providing those muscles the nutrients they need to repair. The same goes for your organs. If someone decides they are going to cleanse on some crazy maple syrup and water for 10 days they are taxing their organs and heart in a most terrible way. Lack of vitamins and minerals like calcium and potassium can have adverse affects on your heart and liver function. Not to mention the detriment of not getting enough carbs, fats, and proteins. And yes, I did say “fats.” They too are necessary for a healthy FBF diet as they keep organs functioning and joints healthy. Now before you run out and grab some Ben & Jerry’s, I am talking about good fats like those found in cold water fish, avocados, and almonds. You must feed your body 5 to 6 times per day with all the required nutrients in order to keep your metabolism stoked and burning fat.

Healthy And Realistic Goals

Anyone or any program that offers to good to be true results, is. It is important to be fit and not just skinny. Everyone’s body is different and some people will lose more than others even on the same diet and while performing the same tasks. Just remember it is a marathon and not a sprint. Dropping inches should be your focus, which comes with a reduction in body fat percentage (1% per month is solid) and that can be accomplished safely while losing at a 2 pound per week goal. Anyone who is losing much more in a consistent fashion is probably setting themselves up for failure later on down the road.

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